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Welcome to Gnr8tr. You can gnr8 (generate) all the available receipts for free. 

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Gnr8tr online is a receipts generator that allows you to gnr8 (generate) all kinds of receipts. You can use these receipts for any purpose viz. fuel/petrol/gas/diesel, rent, driver salary, restaurant, etc. 

  • Thermal paper/lost bills/receipts can be recreated on Gnr8tr
  • We keep adding receipts/bills types on demand.
  • Gnr8tr Online is a value added service that saves time and money for it's users.

Receipts generated through Gnr8tr Online are useful in case you need to send or share a receipt with your customers, friends, create fake receipts for fun or recreate or design a lost invoice or receipt. We all know that receipts printed on thermal paper fade soon and this directly impacts employees who store such receipts for tax benefits and reimbursement in their workplaces. Gnr8tr allows to recreate/generate/make/design such receipts/invoices/bills.

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Listed below are the value added services that we provide.

Custom Receipts

Users can request for custom receipts/bills through our blog. All they need to do is upload the format (images)and share the details or purpose of the receipt.

Custom mode for receipt/bill download 

We provide custom options like scheduled receipts/bills/invoice generation, option to download as word, image, pdf file and an online interface to add all your receipts to one document and download or email.

Custom APIs

We also have custom APIs for receipts/bills that can be generated through third party websites, mobile apps. We recommend companies to consume these APIs to allow employees to generate receipts through the expense management systems and process the same to cut down on reimbursement processes.

White label Gnr8tr

We understand company policies and the restrictions that need to be there from the security perspective, which is why we also provide the option to White label Gnr8tr Online for your employees.

Rent Receipts

You can gnr8 and email rent receipts to yourself or your friends, family, customers etc. 

Driver Salary Receipt

Why waste time creating or designing receipts in word/paint etc. Just gnr8 your driver's salary receipt here on Gnr8tr Online.

Fuel/Petrol/Gas/Diesel Receipts format1

Lost your receipt ? or Did the thermal receipt just fade ? Dont stress yourself, just gnr8t your fuel/petrol/gas/diesel on Gnr8tr Online. One of the most gnr8td receipts on Gnr8tr Online is the format 1. Just enter a few details and voila, your receipt will be gnr8td and mailed as a shiny new pdf.

Fuel/Petrol/Gas/Diesel Receipts format2

Multiple format for your needs. We keep adding different formats basis requests. You can select from any or all the format and gnr8t your receipt. This is Gnr8tr (generator) Online. Most preferred site to gnr8 receipts/bills/invoices.


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